Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Balloon Wall

On the 2nd September 2017 we made the impossible possible. After a meeting on site and some serious brainstorming we found a way to create a 20 meter wide and over 3 meter tall balloon wall for one of Marbella's most elite weddings. I regret not informing the Guinness World book of records about this one! 

The happy couple wanted the 300 guests to enter the villa gardens for the cocktail reception but not see the stunning outdoor dining area. This was when the idea of a wall made from balloons came about. 

The challenge!
Not only did we have to build the wall under pressure for time, in hot temperatures with a slight breeze interrupting us, we also had to dismantle the wall, piece by piece, in front of the 300 guests to make the grand reveal. 

How did we do it?
5 staff, over 2000 balloons, 8 hours and a lot of burn marks on our finger tips. We built the frame the day before on site, then inflated the balloons on the day and individually tied each one to the frame. To dismantle the balloon wall we removed each panel piece by piece with ease in just a few minutes. 

Who for?
Just to add to the pressure, this wasn't for your average bride and groom, this was a Royal affair. A mix of royalty from Belgium, Germany and Austria with a few international guests witnessed the marriage of Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Nassau, the Grand Duke's niece, and Antonius Willms. 

Interesting fact
We passed a lovely afternoon with the family while creating a practice piece in the garden and we had no idea that they were a Royal family! We would like to wish the beautiful couple a lifetime of happiness and thank them for inviting us into their home and intrusting us with their vision. 

The balloon wall making and wedding alike, went without a hitch.
Imagination really is the limit, if you can dream it, we can create it!